Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Tis the season as they say...for LOTS of cookies! :)
Over the past few months TnT Bakeshop has gone through ALOT of changes....
we've done the farmer's markets for 2 seasons now and pondered what to do with this winter season. (standing outside in the Adirondacks is a bit cold in the hence no outdoor farmer's markets LOL  :))
We have opened the doors to the public at our current kitchen location for the past couple of months and have totally loved it. Our customers have enjoyed coming up and seeing "where it all happens" and have been totally encouraging in our progress forward. For us it's been little steps forward to the next progression, almost like setting the foundation for a building so that it is sturdy and structurally sound. We also feel that we are supposed to do this without any extra financial burdens to borrowing! So essencially this business is totally providing for itself to grow...little by little.
Now...the really cool news.....drum roll please!
As this Christmas week fastly approaches we have received a totally awesome early Christmas gift from a wonderful couple in the Keeseville village....
A storefront space! Front door and big window, beautiful shiny new floor and freshly painted walls.... yaaay!! We will continue to use my present kitchen for all of the makings of our goodies, but you can now enter at ground level, on Front Street to purchase your freshly baked breads and goodies of the day. I'll post pictures of the progress periodically, and update you to the new website as it is also built...
We'll be offering a cupcake and a tart of the week so keep a watch for your favorite...along with various breads, scones and muffins, cookies and treats....there something sure to peak everyone's interest. As always, special orders are always an option.
Thank you for your continued support and encouragement as this journey continues onto it's next phase....we're looking forward to what the upcoming year will have to offer! :)
For now....I'm off to play in cookie dough! Merry Christmas and a Very Happiest of New Year's to everyone! {christa

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